What is “Paleo”

How do you eat like a caveman? what the heck does that mean?

This is where all that scientific jargon comes into play… what is “evolutionary nutrition”? Why does it matter what our ancestors ate?

All of that is covered in our coaching programs – but here is the “skinny” on what you need to know:

What you’ve been told in the past, by and large, is just plain wrong. You didn’t know it, many times your doctors didn’t know that they were giving you bad advice.  Modern medicine can’t agree on much of anything.  One day in the news you need to eat eggs, the next day they cause high cholesterol, and then on the third day they’ve changed their minds again! Media campaigns, Advertisers and the food industry have you confused. The food pyramid is garbage. Food labeling is a joke. Throw it all away.

Do you get tired of hearing conflicting information? I know I do. Instead I like to see THOUSANDS, no MILLIONS of years at work, proving to me what is and isn’t correct.

The premise of Paleo in it’s simplest form is … ready for it?




yeah, not that hard right? Yet, try navigating a grocery store and finding real food! Often what you think is real food has been genetically modified, highly refined or pumped full of chemicals. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is killing people, literally, and we know it, and we know why. Now we need to do something about it!


It’s time to get simple… go back to basics as it were.


EAT. REAL. FOOD.582799_153823911439677_729918023_n


Eliminate things that are highly refined:

No grains

No legumes

No Sugars


Eliminate things that are genetically modified:

No Corn

No Soy

No Dairy


Eat things that are nutritionally valuable:







Healthy fats


That’s it in under a minute.

Shopping Tip: AVOID THE AISLES... shop the perimeter of the store to avoid the bulk of processed foods.

Shopping Tip: AVOID THE AISLES… shop the perimeter of the store to avoid the bulk of processed foods.

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