Evolutionary Parenting: the Benefits of Play

You know all the bad news. Childhood obesity is on the rise. Juvenile diabetes is on the rise. Disorders like ADD & ADHD are being diagnosed in epic proportions. We’ve all heard the statistics, but have you really looked around at the children? What hit me like a brick wall the other day, was that we […]

8 Steps to a Healthy Body Image for your kids

This article is one that I originally wrote for the October 2014 edition of Paleo Living Magazine and can be found here.  I am reposting it after publication here, because this is an issue that is really an important topic for parents and families. As parents our primary responsibility to […]

Parenting Part 2: Uh Oh, it’s back to school! 4

It’s that time of year, back to school again. Does anyone else feel like this is a catch22? I’m ready for the kids to go back, eager to have those few hours a day to work on my writing and developing my business, yet, with it comes the crazy after […]

Kids, Life, & Parenting Paleo… Part 1 – How do you get your kids to eat THAT? 10

The single most frequently asked question I get is … “How do you get your kids to eat THAT?!” This is a loaded question and it brings up several topics. Usually, I offend someone with my answer. So, I decided to tackle this question in a series of blog posts, […]