Halloween doesn’t have to cause you Paleo nightmares!

This post was originally published for Paleo Movement Online Magazine, here. I decided to update this post a little, because like everyone, I get a little smarter as time goes on. Halloween is absolutely hands down my favorite holiday, and has been since I was a child. And yet, there […]

8 Steps to a Healthy Body Image for your kids

This article is one that I originally wrote for the October 2014 edition of Paleo Living Magazine and can be found here.  I am reposting it after publication here, because this is an issue that is really an important topic for parents and families. As parents our primary responsibility to […]

Paleo “pasta” salad with shrimp: 2

Here in Florida things are crazy, life is hectic and we are in between summer and fall.  The weather is weird, and the schedule is making me straight-jacket worthy.  Gymnastics, Baseball, Piano, School, Work, Homework – how do other parents function?! It’s been easy lately to fall back on my […]

Chicken Nuggets and the End of Summer…

Wow it’s hard to believe school starts next week. Some days I’m ready, other day’s I’m not. I love the summer, but the rain this summer has kept us cooped up and it’s been hard to do all the things we wanted to, that was frustrating. On the other hand, […]

Parenting Part 2: Uh Oh, it’s back to school! 4

It’s that time of year, back to school again. Does anyone else feel like this is a catch22? I’m ready for the kids to go back, eager to have those few hours a day to work on my writing and developing my business, yet, with it comes the crazy after […]

Kids, Life, & Parenting Paleo… Part 1 – How do you get your kids to eat THAT? 10

The single most frequently asked question I get is … “How do you get your kids to eat THAT?!” This is a loaded question and it brings up several topics. Usually, I offend someone with my answer. So, I decided to tackle this question in a series of blog posts, […]

Paleo Paella and other cauliflower surprises! 3

  Everyone is always surprised when I say that I use cauliflower instead of rice and that my kids LOVE it. I think LOVE is an understatement. If I would make cauliflower every day, that would make my kids ecstatic. Cauliflower is tremendously versatile … riced, creamed/mashed, roasted, steamed my […]

The cave kids appetites are calling! Quick Snack fixes! 7

If there is one thing that I hope I share with people, it is that feeding your kids doesn’t have to be so much work. As parents we are focused on always providing our kids with the best of what we have to offer. Whether it be opportunity, education, possessions, […]