My goal is to introduce people to Easy Peasy Paleo. Eating well doesn’t need to be complicated, fancy or expensive.

When I went Paleo, I scoured books, journals, medical research, cookbooks, websites, blogs and a number or resources. My goal is to bring you the most simple ideas, concepts, recipes and advice so that you don’t have to recreate those hours of research.

However, if you want to do your own digging, below is a list of resources that discuss the topics of the Paleo/Primal Lifestyle, GAPS, Grain Free Living, Ancestral Health and Evolutionary Science. Keep in mind the opinions of each page are their own, they are neither endorsed nor representational of the opinions of Bedrock Eats, The Bedrock Babe, or Leanna Cappucci.  Each of these may promote their own books, products, etc.

Robb Wolf

Mark Sisson

Where do I find this stuff? 

Products, books and Resource Guides:

1. Olive Oil:

We all know our list of healthy fats:

Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, grassfed butter, ghee, avocado and animal fat (lard, tallow).

As any good Sicilian girl can tell you, I am LOST without great olive oil.  Check out the real greek olive oil from Kasandrinos!

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