Sport (minty fresh & cool) Natural Deodorant



Product Description

A “Primal” Deodorant that REALLY WORKS…! 

Organically Derived, Non-GMO, Aluminum Free, Paraben Free, No Artificial Fragrance.  “Bedrock Living deodorant represents TWO YEARS of formulation because I was fed up with natural deodorants that didn’t work.  Like all Bedrock Living products is exactly what it is designed to do.”

— Leanna “The Bedrock Babe”

Bedrock Living’s superior combination of ALL-NATURAL ingredients are what makes this the best deodorant you will ever use:  Organic coconut oil, aluminum-free sodium bicarbonate, organic arrowroot starch, aloe vera, castor oil, and therapeutic grade essential oilsThe coconut oil fights bacteria and eliminates the “stink.”  Castor oil & aloe prevent drying and protect the skin.  Aluminum-free sodium bicarbonate and organic arrowroot powder also dries and “wicks” away moisture without blocking pores or preventing you from sweating (which is necessary for natural detoxification).  Lastly, we add therapeutic grade essential oils to soothe the skin and provide a subtle natural fragrance….

Our current FIVE most popular therapeutic grade essential oil infused scents:

Cave Girl Fresh – Lightly Floral (Geranium, Tea Tree, Ylang Ylang).  The Bedrock Babe isn’t a flowery or floral fan, but this scent is her personal favorite and Cavemen everywhere agree.  If in doubt, you can’t go wrong with this choice.

Lavender & Tea Tree – Lavender & Tea Tree (you guessed it, Lavender & Tea Tree).  It’s plain, it’s Jane, and very subtle.  Everyone makes a lavender deodorant, so we do too.  But because we don’t use cheap lavender oil, ours is safe and mild, yet still ultra effective for even the most intense CrossFitting Caveman or Cavewoman.

Sport – Minty Fresh & Cool (Wintergreen, Peppermint, Tea Tree).  Cavemen, and even some Cavewomen, love this fresh clean scent and feel.

Wake Up Buttercup – Almost Scentless Citrus (Orange, Tangerine, Lemon, Lime).  Clean and gentle as a newborn lamb.  For the ultra risk averse, this is your best choice.

Wild Outdoors – Slightly Woodsy (Cedarwood, Tea Tree, Idaho Blue Spruce).  Cavewomen love this scent on Cavemen and even on themselves.  It is also the top choice of the Bedrock Babe’s caveman and her backup choice when she can’t find her Cave Girl Fresh.

Please Note:  Because this formula is VERY effective, less is definitely more.  A tiny dab on damp/wetted palms, massaged into your armpits, will easily last for an entire day, even through an intense workout in the hot Florida sun.  And though we think most of them are still using too much, customers are telling us one tube is lasting them 7 – 8 weeks….


Additional Information

Weight 2 oz