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Remineralizing TOOTHPASTE that REALLY WORKS!

Ingredients:  Bentonite Clay, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Calcium Citrate, Magnesium Citrate, Zinc, Aluminum-Free Sodium Bicarbonate, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Organic Liquid Stevia, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

Bentonite clay removes toxins, polishes teeth, and is less abrasive than using sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) alone.  The sodium bicarbonate and sea salt clean and whiten teeth.  While the combination of the calcium citrate, magnesium citrate, and zinc actually remineralize and harden enamel.  The organic extra virgin coconut oil and therapeutic grade essential oils work synergistically to improve overall oral health, facilitate gum healing, and are both antiseptic and antibacterial.  Basically this toothpaste whitens, hardens, heals and kills bad breath and germs WITHOUT ANY harsh, harmful or toxic additions.

I developed this fluoride-free toothpaste for my children.  In a happy accident, I wrote a magazine article about the dangers of fluoride and other unhealthy ingredients common in commercial toothpastes, which resulted in a demand for mine.  It was at that point that I decided to begin producing for the general public.

Our current FOUR most popular therapeutic grade oil infused toothpastes:

Spearmint, Peppermint, Orange & Clove, and Total Mouth 

  • “Total Mouth” has become a customer favorite.  It costs more than the other three flavors because it contains a lot more therapeutic grade oils—Rosemary, Lemon, Cinnamon, Clove and Eucalyptus Essential Oils.  This combination of oils is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and aids in healing soft tissue in the mouth. This is ideal for bleeding gums, gingivitis and any mouth pain or inflammation.  It is also ideal for customers with braces…!

Please Note:

  • Keep at room temp for a little more gooey texture, or refrigerated if you prefer it solid.
  • To use, simply dip toothbrush bristles into the paste (wetted bristles if room temp rises above 76-deg F and product hardens).  It only takes a small “pea-sized” amount.
  • If more than one member of your family is using the same paste, you may consider using small reusable containers and dividing the product to minimize contamination.
  • It is normal during your first few uses to experience slight tingling, as the calcium and magnesium create an effervescent sensation.
  • Because this is a handcrafted product and we have not yet perfected packaging, some coconut oil may leech out and the product will appear “dry.”  If this happens, simply add a teaspoon of melted extra virgin coconut oil to the product and stir.

This item is made to order and will ship within 4-7 days

Even organic fluoride-free toothpaste products (like Tom’s), use carageenan as a stabilizer and thickener.  According to over 10,496 studies, there is ample evidence that carageenan contributes to organ system toxicity, ecotoxicity, and cancer.  Carageenan has also been linked to ulcerative colitis, birth defects, colorectal cancer, glucose intolerance, inflammation, liver cancer, immune suppression, and colon polyps.

Far too many commercial and organic brands also use sodium lauryl / laureth sulfate (SLS/SLES) as a surfactant, detergent, and emulsifier.  Environmental Working Group ( and over 16,000 studies have linked SLS to organ toxicity, developmental delays, reproductive toxicity, neurotoxicity, endocrine disruption, biochemical and celluar changes, possible mutations, and cancer.


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