It’s Here! The Paleo Approach Cookbook – Review.

Yesterday I spent the day driving up from Tampa to Atlanta to visit the one and only Sarah Ballantyne so that today we can celebrate the launch of her new book The Paleo Approach Cookbook. Nearly three years ago, I had transitioned my family to a Paleo Diet, with tons […]

Coconut Curry Crusted Flounder 1

This is a combination of flavors I just love, coconut & curry. Any mild firm fish can be used in place of the flounder and it can be filets or smaller pieces for “bite sized” fish fun for the kids. Fish is a favorite among our family, and we eat […]

The Great Lamb Shank Experiment

In an effort to move out of my comfort zone, I am trying to experiment with new protein sources. This particular recipe was derived for my friend Lana, the founder of EOM-Ethical Omnivore Movement and it’s sister page Mindful Meat Mondays. It’s important to me that my kids have the […]

Reflecting on What I thought I knew … 2

Recently, it has become popular for my friends and family to tag me in their Facebook and Instagram pictures of their meals or to text me photos of other people’s food or grocery labels. I kind of think this is intended as flattery, and I appreciate it. To me, it […]

Celebrating the Holidays without Guilt:

Tis the season. We’ve survived the candy coated Halloween fun, and the cornucopia of goodies at Thanksgiving.  There is one more month of holiday parties, get togethers, school functions, fundraisers and various other food filled festivities to navigate.  We CAN do this!   As many of you know, I’m a […]

Perfect Paleo Cranberry Citrus Relish 1

For those who wanted to try a healthier version of cranberry sauce, I guarantee it’s the best you’ve ever had.  Even if you think you hate cranberries – this is worth trying. For me, cranberries epitomize fall fruits. “Cranberry Sauce,” that gelatinized canned goo that you buy at the store […]

Paleo “pasta” salad with shrimp: 2

Here in Florida things are crazy, life is hectic and we are in between summer and fall.  The weather is weird, and the schedule is making me straight-jacket worthy.  Gymnastics, Baseball, Piano, School, Work, Homework – how do other parents function?! It’s been easy lately to fall back on my […]

citrus steamed artichokes with garlic & dill dipping sauce 16

I grew up in an italian household. As a child, one of my favorite foods was stuffed artichokes. My parents would stuff the leaves with a breadcrumb parmesan cheese mixture and olive oil then bake them in tin foil. This was a lot of work but crazy fun for me […]

Primal perfection cubed: figs, sheep’s milk feta and prosciutto 1

Coming home from AHS13 (the Ancestral Health Symposium) in Atlanta last week, I had a lot on my mind. After days of discussing food, nutrition and science and eating some of the most amazing organic and pastured foods, I was motivated to “create”. During AHS Russ (the Domestic Man) and […]