Call it what you will… Paleo, Primal, Ancestral Health, Perfect Health Diet, Clean Eating, Eating Real Food, and many others… Functional Nutrition: there are many reasons to “go Paleo”.

Maybe you are constantly feeling tired and run down? Do you notice that bloated feeling after you eat? Are you suffering from itchy skin, acne, headaches, to name a few? Maybe you want to lose weight, or optimize your performance? Maybe you have an auto immune disorder? Perhaps you are sick of trying things that have failed you in the past and are ready to find one that works? Have doctors and prescriptions failed you, do you know there is more to life than feeling “off”?

Whatever your reason, our goal is to make it simple, affordable and most of all to help you succeed.

Coaching involves more than just diet, there are many components that make success possible and your personal, professional, fitness and nutrition goals all are integrated together to make you be the best version of you!


Paleolithic Program Options

Coaching Only Programs:

  • 30-Minute Call :: $75
  • One-Month Package (one month) :: $250
  • Multi-Month Package (two or more months) :: $200/month.
  • Group Paleo Coaching Webinars or Meetings :: $25.00


Lifestyle Programs:

  • Quick Start In home Plan w/ one month of coaching :: $500.00
  • Kitchen Remodel :: $350.00
  • Practical Shopping Tutorial :: $250.00
  • 6 months to a new you :: $1250.00


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Description of options:


30-Minute Call – $75
Maybe you just have a few questions, or you’re looking to discuss a particular topic.

One-Month Package – $250

Ideal for people already familiar with Paleo, Primal or WAPF, seeking to fine tune the program.

Also optimal forreat for those that are not having success with gut irritation, chronic inflammation, or are seeking to refine to an auto-immune protocol.

This works well also for CrossFitters looking to optimize their performance by dialing in their diets. This is also available to those looking to do a 30 day challenge and see what we are all about.

We start with a short on-boarding questionnaire, one hour goal setting & strategizing call or meeting, and followed by two bi-weekly 30-minute phone/Skype calls and two email check-ins throughout the month. Assistance with meal planning and shopping is also provided.

Multiple-Month Package – $200/mo (or subsequent months)

This is for you if you know that you need more support or accountability to make a permanent change.

This is ideal for allergy sufferers, auto immune sufferers, etc. who may need a few months to really tailor their nutrition to find their triggers, also for parents interested in creating healthy habits for their family, and for those seeking to lose a significant amount of weight.

It’s the same on boarding process and call structure – we just offer a discounted rate to those interested in a longer commitment. This plan is still pay as you go. 

Group Paleo Coaching Webinars & Meetings – $25

45-minute webinar or meeting offered every other week. Learn from me and your peers about the ins and out of living Paleo. Each week we derive our topics from the participants that are registered.

We can also design a class for your special event, gym, group, club or Crossfit Box.

For Next Call please see our Events Calendar or email us at

Paleo 30 day “Quick Start” Program by Bedrock Eats – $750.00 (Local Residents Only)

This is the first month package for those who have no idea where to get started.  Ideal for those looking for a lot of hand holding in the beginning. This is more than just nutrition coaching, this incorporates life coaching as well. This program tailors paleo nutrition to you.

We again, start with a brief on boarding questionnaire. Your first month contains 2 – 30 minute coaching calls and 2 email follow ups.

In addition, you receive a one hour on-boarding call or meeting, followed by instruction on food prep, including “emergency meals”. We provide shopping and a lifestyle “tips & tricks” guide.

Ongoing monthly coaching is available to these clients for 100.00 per month for 2 guided coaching calls per month incorporating the professional, personal, physical and nutrition components of a healthy and well rounded life.

This Package combines the kitchen remodel, shopping tutorial and our regular monthly coaching program, as well as an in home cooking  demonstration.

Paleo Kitchen Remodel – $350.00 (Local Residents Only)

This is included in the 30 day quick start, but is also an optional add on or a stand-alone service. This is a 3 hour in-home consultation including a pantry/fridge/freezer clean out and in-home education session on Ancestral Nutrition 101.

Paleo Shopping Tutorial – $250.00

This is an optional add on to any of the programs above or as a stand-alone service. This is a 2 hour in-store consultation. We will walk you through shopping basics inclusive of a trip to your local grocer, to point out the pitfalls and traps, as well as provide helpful hints and guidelines for successful and economical shopping.

6 months to a new you – $1250.00

This is a new service I am providing. I have had many people ask for a stepped approach to cutting out key items rather than making a 30 day leap into this new lifestyle. I am a firm believer in cutting out bad habits quickly, like ripping off a band-aid.  I also believe that “easing” into better habits by strategically cutting back certain items, while relying on others can potentially be a prescription for failure. However, I know that not all people are alike and different approaches work for different personalities.

After much consideration and thought about the best way to provide such a service, I have decided that I will only do so with a FULL 6 month commitment. The reason why, quite frankly, is because I want you to be successful and for that reason, I need YOU whole heartedly committed to completing the process.

This program is very specifically designed for those people who want to eliminate one thing from their diet at a time over a 6 month period to make a gradual change, but to make that change for life.

The program outline is available to interested candidates by emailing


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