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Leanna Cappucci,

Certified Nutritional Therapist





To create a sustainably healthy lifestyle based on ancestral health but attainable in our modern environment.  To provide a method for you to incorporate physical fitness, nutritional fitness and emotional fitness into your unique and busy lifestyle. 


Health, Wellness and lifestyle coaching that is centered around evolutionary principals. Coaching Provides you:

  1. A partner in your journey toward health, 
  2. Someone to be accountable to, 
  3. A structured program for success,  
  4. Education as to the how & why Functional Nutrition works
  5. Focused help for Auto Immune Conditions, behavioral problems, allergies and chronic illness 


In what seems like another lifetime, I was a pre-med student majoring in biology, and minoring in psychology and anthropology, working full time in Vascular Surgery. This experience opened my eyes to the fact that the western medicine approach to healing the body is a broken system. In my journey to discover a better solution, I now combine modern scientific research with ancient holistic knowledge, mixing anthropological evidence to create optimized solutions tailored to the individual. This is accomplished primarily through diet, movement, sleep, stress management and lifestyle factors.

More specifically, I am a mother of three who was a chronic workaholic and found myself getting sick and gaining weight despite doing everything that commonly is the “prescription” for good health.

I “found” Paleo after an introduction by my brother to the ‘Paleo Solution’ by Robb Wolf, and after careful consideration, I put it into practice. Suddenly I became hooked, the science fascinated me, the results astonished me. Since that time I have been living it, soaking it up, reading, researching and sharing it full time.

Since then, I’ve immersed myself in the Ancestral Health community and expanded my practice beyond just strict Paleo by focusing on holistic approaches to wellness combined with an Ancestral Based Diet and Functional Nutrition & Movement.

In my own life I have seen it have a tremendous impact on my life, as well as that of my spouse, my children and even our pets. In the lives of those I work with, I’ve seen amazing results in health and well being. Everything from medical, physical, and emotional improvements to the ever important: weight loss.

My personal goal is to help people find the information they need to put healthy eating, and good choices into play in their homes. I want people to know that it can be done quickly, easily, painlessly and economically and that you, YES YOU, CAN do this! Give me 30 days, and your life will be forever changed too!

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