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This is a combination of flavors I just love, coconut & curry. Any mild firm fish can be used in place of the flounder and it can be filets or smaller pieces for “bite sized” fish fun for the kids.

Fish is a favorite among our family, and we eat a lot of it. One of the reasons I like it (besides the fact that it is truly nutritious) is that it is quick to prepare. I often talk about how busy we are and weekday meals NEED to be simple, or we just wouldn’t eat. This is no different!

In this recipe I use Desiccated Coconut (dried ground coconut flakes purchased in an asian market to the consistency of bread crumbs – think more texture than coconut flour, less texture than shredded coconut) I use this in lieu of other forms of coconut because it is conducive to coating for frying, you can always just pulverize dried coconut in a food processor. This is also cost effective, I get coconut “powder” from my local Asian Market for roughly $6.00 for a 2 pound bag. HELPFUL TIP: If you are not shopping at your local ethnic markets – I highly recommend it, they are treasure troves for paleo friendly ingredients at a tremendous bargain!

Prep Time – 5 min

Cook Time – 15 min


Fish – I used 1 and a half pounds (5 filets) of Flounder, This would work with Tilapia, Cod, or any number of other firm white fish.

Coconut oil for frying (approx 1/2 cup)

1 egg

1 1/2 cups of desiccated coconut or coconut powder

1 TBS Curry Powder (recipe below)


In one shallow dish whisk egg. In second shallow dish add coconut powder and Curry powder, season with salt & pepper to taste. In a frying pan over a medium high heat, melt coconut oil.

Create a little assembly line, coat fish filet in egg, then coconut mixture, then into frying pan. Total frying time was approximately 5 minutes on each side. Move the filet gently to a paper towel lined plate to collect the excess frying oil and then serve.


Quick Home Made Curry Powder:

Cumin powder,
Mustard powder,
Coriander powder,
Fennel Seeds (can be ground or whole, but roasted),
Turmeric and
Chili Powder


I served the fish a top a bed of coleslaw mix… green and purple cabbage, shredded and some shredded carrot. Like a deconstructed fish taco, I then dressed the top with a garlic & coconut aioli style sauce that I keep on hand and use for just about everything I can pour it on!


Garlic & Coconut Aioli:

1 cup of homemade paleo-mayonaise (find my recipe at the bottom of the post here)

1/4 cup – 1/2 cup of coconut milk (I use full fat coconut milk that has been refrigerated and use the cream off the top), vary the amount of coconut milk adding a little at at time to get the desired consistency.

4 whole cloves of garlic

1 TBS of fresh chopped cilantro (sub out freeze dried cilantro if necessary)

Add the mayo, garlic and cilantro to a tall cup or mason jar and blend using immersion blender to incorporate well, next add the coconut milk slowly until you get the desired consistency thick or thin as you like it. I prefer it thick and fill a reusable squeezable condiment bottle to keep in the fridge. This sauce is also fantastic on crab cakes or salmon cakes!


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