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Friday night, I came home pretty late from a series of events. When I walked up to my front door I saw a number of packages and honed in on one: I knew right away that it was a copy of “The Paleo Approach” by Sarah Ballantyne, PhD. I ran in the house and tore it open like a kid with a Christmas present, my husband must have thought I had lost my mind.


My first impression of the book was that it literally, almost brought me to tears! The hard work put into creating this masterpiece of information, certainly was evident and palpable and in no way did it disappoint. Friday night I took a quick glance through it and was delighted by all the illustrations and summaries, information is easy to find and to extract. The puzzle motif is perfect, as each chapter fits more pieces into the proverbial puzzle of how and why our bodies do what they do, eventually uncovering a completed picture.


I finished it Monday night, unable to put it down, and immediately decided that this should be required reading for just about everyone I know. (I know what birthday gifts everyone is getting this year!) The Paleo Approach is an encyclopedia or “bible,” if you will, of not just nutrition but lifestyle and environmental factors that contribute to our overall health, and a guideline to taking back control of our bodies and our health.


I firmly believe that people need to educate themselves and be their own health advocate, taking responsibility upon ourselves versus blindly following the recommendations of our medical providers. I also believe that diet and lifestyle changes are the FIRST and BEST course of action and our commitment to ourselves has to be be the first step in getting healthy. Sarah’s book gives readers the ability to take that action, make that commitment and understand the science of WHY this is so necessary. Knowledge is power and The Paleo Approach gives the framework to put that knowledge to practical use.


“The Paleo Approach” provides a plethora of information concisely organized and beautifully illustrated. It is difficult to write a book so full of science and medical jargon that someone can pick up and yet be unable to put down. Yet, this is exactly what Sarah has done.


One of the things that I love so much about Sarah and her approach to writing, is her ability to make complex subject matter easy to understand. Anyone, regardless of their base knowledge about immunity, biology & physiology; can walk away from reading this book with  the ability to truly understand and relay vital information about health, nutrition, and Autoimmune disease. Frankly, you will walk away with potentially a better understanding than even your physician or specialist. This book is a life changer, and will ultimately help countless people who presently suffer from a myriad of symptoms, and have been unable to find relief…YET.


While anyone unfamiliar with the terms Paleo, Primal or Ancestral Health will no doubt find themselves enthralled in the brilliant descriptions, no nonsense approach, easy to read dialogue and personal stories contained within; Even those well versed in the Paleo diet, Auto Immune Protocol and other versions of nutrition based healing protocols (GAPS, SCD), will absolutely find more than a few surprises.

Whether you have an autoimmune disorder or not, whether you are paleo or not, and whether you think you know it all – or nothing at all… this book is a MUST read for EVERYONE.


There are several pages I’ve marked in my copy to go back & re-read, as well as asterisks, stars and pencil markings of information that I was surprised to find, and that was new (and helpful) to me.


In reading “The Paleo Approach” I am certain there are a few tweaks I will be making to my own diet to further improve the quality of my life, based on Sarah’s research and self experimentation. Overall, the book is beautifully written and laid out, and is an extension of the author herself in every way.



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