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I grew up in an italian household. As a child, one of my favorite foods was stuffed artichokes. My parents would stuff the leaves with a breadcrumb parmesan cheese mixture and olive oil then bake them in tin foil. This was a lot of work but crazy fun for me as a kid. Although, I’m admittedly strange.

When I went paleo, I couldn’t figure out how to still enjoy artichokes. The thought of not eating artichokes made me sad. Then I remembered that when I lived in California, my girlfriend Andrea and I shared a steamed artichoke with a garlic aioli once for lunch. AH HA! Eureka! Light bulb!

So I steamed artichokes in my steamer. FAIL. I was so disappointed but the artichokes turned brown and I was very unhappy, it certainly didn’t look appetizing.

When I came home this week I remembered that before I left town, I had bought 4 artichokes, hoping to come up with something creative to do with them. They were staring at me, taunting me every time I opened up the fridge.


What the hell, I figured I’d experiment. Steaming didn’t work at least not in the electric steamer. So, I decided to immerse them in water.

I think I’d call this a cross between boiling, steaming and poaching:






sea salt






Trim off the small leaves around the outside, trim the stem and cut the tips off of the top say 20% of the artichoke. Open the leaves.

Inside each artichoke I stuffed a whole garlic clove in the center toward the opening to the “choke”

I turned them upside down (flat side) in about 1.5 – 2 inches of water in a large stock pot.

To the water I added a whole lime that I juiced into the water then tossed the lime “carcass” inside the pot as well. I also sea salted the water a little and turned the heat on high and covered the pot until the water was boiling.


Dipping sauce/ aioli:


Paleo Mayo (see my recipe graphic below)



coconut milk (to taste)



I had a cup of home made paleo-naise left (real food mayo) in the fridge. I left that in the cup it was in, and to it added 3 cloves of garlic and tore off approximately 2 TBS of dill. I stuffed all that in the cup whole with the mayo and used my immersion blender to liquify. I used  just a little bit of coconut milk to thin it out so that I could drizzle it prettily on the plate – but you may like it thicker for dipping. Your call!

Note: this is also how I make Ranch dressing, just more coconut milk and fresh ground pepper.
Crap Free Paleo Mayo:




1 cup olive oil

1/3 cup avocado oil

2 egg yolks



1 1/2 tablespoons of Lemon juice

1 tsp of dried mustard




Blend in tall cup with immersion blender for 30 seconds until fully emulsified. 

Starting at the bottom of the cup incorporating to the top.


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