Chicken Nuggets and the End of Summer…

Wow it’s hard to believe school starts next week. Some days I’m ready, other day’s I’m not. I love the summer, but the rain this summer has kept us cooped up and it’s been hard to do all the things we wanted to, that was frustrating. On the other hand, I’m eager to get back to our normal schedule and the structure we are used to having. We function best with some structure in our lives.

Tomorrow morning I’m leaving for AHS13 in Atlanta to learn amazing new information and talk to other talented paleosphere people and bring all of that back to you!

I’ve been updating a couple of things around here and I wanted to share some recipes that have been re-worked. ┬áPaleo Chicken “Nuggets” are one of our favorite recipes to have on hand. I realized I had never added this to the website… WHAT THE HECK was I thinking?!

If you have kids, no doubt, they at one point have consumed chicken McNuggets, or Chick Fil A chicken, or some version of these handy dandy pop in your mouth “nuggets”. No one really knows what part of the chicken a nugget is, and with this years media circus relating to pink slime, I sincerely hope you went down with the processed nuggets.

What’s a paleo family to do?

Pink slime, covered in deadly breading, deep fried in the worlds worst rancid unhealthy fat cross contaminated with god-only-knows what… um, ewww.

So here is my super simple, real food, chicken success:


Tapioca starch


garlic powder

sea salt


4 lbs of chicken breast (half the recipe for 2 lbs)

coconut oil for frying


In a glass/pyrex baking dish pour out a 1 lb bag of tapioca starch, mix 2 TBS of garlic powder, 1 TBS of paprika, a dash of sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

I make 4 lbs at a time because I leave these in the fridge for a snack all week – they are great for after school or on the way to practice, etc.

Dice the chicken breast up into bite sized pieces, heat your coconut oil to 375 degrees Fahrenheit in your deep frier or wok (a deep frying pan would work too)

Toss the diced chicken in sections (approximately 1/2-1 breast at a time) into the coating then right into the oil. Deep fry for approximately 4-6 min (dependent on the size of your pieces – ┬ácheck them frequently!)

Drain and start the next batch – repeat until all the chicken is fried.


If you love Chick Fil A… try this variation

Soak diced chicken breast over night in 1 can of coconut milk and the pickle juice of one empty jar of pickles.

next day repeat the remaining steps above – viola! Awesomeness!

How’s that for an easy crowd pleaser!

Enjoy the rest of this week, I can’t wait to report back on The Ancestral Health Symposium!

When I get back I promise to make the nuggets, because I cannot believe I don’t have a picture of them anywhere – I make these ALL the time!

Mc Donalds (and other fast food joints)... we are NOT loving it!

Mc Donalds (and other fast food joints)… we are NOT loving it!


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