Our Story – Jewell & Karl Martin

Hi Leanna,


I am not even sure where to begin our story … Let’s see? Well, how about three years ago, after trying and failing every “diet” known to women!


For the last 3 years, my doctor has told me that my Liver enzymes were high (or in other words i have a fatty liver) and to eat “low fat, high fiber”, which I have continued to do without success until March of this year. After trying the “Dr’s” way, my enzymes were still elevated, and yet again I was told to eat “low fat, high fiber”!


Along the way, I also broke my ankle in July of 2011 and again, until March of this year, I had excruciating tendon and ligament issues that were so painful, that I was going the very next day to agree to foot surgery.


In March of 2013, I learned about you and your lifestyle through my niece Kendra. She “looks and feels fab” eating Paleo. In turn, I thought, “what the heck, one more thing, one more failure , why not?”


At first, I decided for just 2 weeks I would cut out dairy only. I had learned that dairy could contribute to “inflammation”. When, at the end of just two weeks, I was about 90% pain free in my foot, I was so amazed that I cried… a lot.


Right then and there, I realized that there was something to this and I got really excited! Suddenly, I could wear shoes I haven’t for years (I was also wishing now that I didn’t give away all those cute ones..lol).  After that, I began the 30 day paleo challenge in full on June 10th, and did not tell my doctor what i was doing. She had told me to re-test my liver lab work in 6-8 wks from my last test in March.


Since beginning with the dairy elimination, and continuing with the Paleo Challenge I not only dropped 15lbs, but I did my lab work today and my liver enzymes were NORMAL! Imagine that, I  didn’t do what the doctor recommended, I didn’t eat low fat for sure, quite the opposite! I had to write to you right away.


What’s more is that my husband came along this journey with me.  My husband, Karl, had knee replacement surgery and it was giving him a lot of pain and aching, he also has arthritis in his hands…i convinced him to just try the 2 weeks with no dairy. (now, I love starting people with that, it’s a simple transition). Well, VIOLA … the joint pain went away!  He dropped 20 pounds and feels great.


Not to mention that we sleep better at night, my skin is so soft and my cellulite has really decreased, we think clearer than ever and our energy and workouts are so much better!


How could something as simple “as just eat real food” be the answer?!


I cant thank you enough for your encouragement, knowledge and guidance.


I am a believer! I have encouraged so many to make a change with just my own 2 week dairy free challenge and they love it. Recently, a co-worker of mine was telling me that she has had a afternoon cough for over a year  (she ate yogurt and cheese/fruit* for lunch every day),  I recommended she try to cut out the dairy for just those 2 weeks. She was so nervous to give up the yogurt as she said it was for her digestion, but she did it, and in 2 weeks she lost 8 pounds and hasn’t coughed even once!  Now, she too is so excited has shared our success with her husband.


It just amazes me that this simple solution has always been right there in front of chubby lil cheeks.


Thank you again. I shall continue with my new lifestyle and share with those that are willing to just give it a try! Gods blessings to you and your family!


Jewell and Karl Martin


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