Pudding… from Avocado? you betcha! 8

Ok, to be totally fair this is not at all my recipe. I’ve seen several versions of this floating around online and I will credit the first place I saw it being PaleOMG, and I just love her recipes, so I saved it and cataloged it in the recesses of my mind. ┬áThen a friend of mine, Jamie, made a version of this and tagged me in it on facebook and I have to say it made me freakin’ hungry!

I love avocado and was dying to know how this combination of chocolate and avocado would work out. About 2 weeks ago, my oldest daughter had strep and her throat was killing her for a 48 hour period. She was having trouble eating and I thought of this. It was chocolate, so that was a no brainer, and it was full of healthy fats and vitamins. I set to work.

I’ve made this now 3 times, and I’ve seen different ratios of the ingredients – so here is my formula.


The ingredients are always the same –


pure cocoa powder

raw honey

I added a squeeze of lemon juice to this last batch.

In my Ninja, I blended all the ingredients in this ratio:

for every 1/2 avocado, add

1 TBS each raw honey and cocoa powder.

plus a little squeeze of lemon

blend until smooth.

Once, I actually made this without a blender, and just whipped it up by hand with a fork, there were a few lumps of avocado I didn’t get smooth, but it still was quite tasty.

Then refrigerate and serve!

3 avocados fed the 5 of us nicely as a snack this afternoon!

NOW… go get yourself some of my favorite green fat!

Pure Paleo Pudding!

Pure Paleo Pudding!


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