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Again, I’m not a person who likes long ingredient lists or complicated recipes. This fried chicken is something I whipped up when I had defrosted some chicken and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it.

My kids like simple food, and some days they like something and then the next time I make the same exact thing, they want nothing to do with it. One day they eat like grown men, the next they pick like rabbits. For instance, yesterday the kids plowed through dinner until there was nothing left for us parents. Today, they couldn’t care less and survived this evening purely on unsweetened apple sauce and celery sticks. Just like adults, I let their appetites dictate how much they eat. They have a very reliable sense of hunger. Some days they are complete carnivores and others stick to veggies. Like you and I, their bodies tell them what they need and I trust that. I can do this, because I know that my kids won’t go on a hunger strike or just protest something because they “think” they don’t like it. Our rule has been, is and will always be; you must try everything. I also will not play short order cook in my home – we have one dinner option and that’s it. We don’t keep any processed foods anywhere in our home, so there aren’t non-paleo items for them to grab.

Fried chicken is one of those all american favorites and this was my 5-10 minute spin on it.

So easy; “breading” :

2 parts dessicated coconut,

1 part arrowroot powder,

season to liking (I use paprika, chili powder & pepper)

Mix Coconut, arrowroot powder and seasonings of choice in a container for “breading” your chicken. I used cutlets, but you can use breasts, legs, thighs, etc.

Lightly coat chicken and fry in coconut oil.
I think, for the most part, people over think food and entertaining, they worry too much about catering to their children’s likes and dislikes. Simple is better, for everyone. It frees up your time, it uncomplicates meal planning and shopping, it reduces stress and cost.
In the picture I’ve attached, I also made sweet potato fries. You can use a mandolin, but I find that to be an unnecessary step and one more thing to clean. I just slice and julienne the sweet potatoes myself. Then I fry them in coconut oil also and sprinkle lightly with sea salt while they are still hot.
I apologize for the picture, it was taken on my phone and far fuzzier than I thought. Notice we were even using paper plates… hey, we’re real people over here! LOL


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