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Ever notice that food eaten with your hands is just more fun to eat? It makes my husband somewhat crazy that the kids and I often forego the use of utensils. Now, I am not recommending that you pick up a saucy mess with your hands and shove it in your face neanderthal style. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure cavemen developed better manners than that. What I AM saying is – food can be fun, and that’s ok.

Below are some examples of easy breakfasts that are also fun for the kids and easy to pop in your mouth on the run or eat with your hands!



I love muffin tins as a way to make food portable. On the left is a mixture of scrambled egg, green onion and cheese, poured into muffin pan lined with nitrate free ham or bacon and baked at 350 until the eggs were cooked and ham/bacon crisp. The eggs will puff up like a muffin top and then deflate after removed from the heat.

On the right are eggs, put whole into a muffin pan and cooked under the broiler until they were cooked through, paired with nitrate free bacon also broiled to perfection.

Another way we make finger foods fun for the kids is by finding anything at all I can make a skewer of, put on a toothpick or eat on the run.

We make what my kids call “Steaks on sticks” all the time, because let’s face it, a steak that is held on a skewer may taste the same as one you had to cut, but isn’t nearly as much fun to devour!

I also make salad sticks which are nothing more than skewered buffalo mozzarella minis, alternated with grape tomatoes and basil leaves that I drizzle with olive oil and balsamic.

The old standby of frozen bananas on sticks are throw backs to my youth that I still love and the kids have fun helping to make!

The more involvement your kids have with choosing, designing, preparing and discussing food choices; the better the entire family will be!


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