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In our house every minute is accounted for, we are usually on the run from one practice to the next, or a work function, client, or fundraiser… we almost never stop moving long enough to really relax. That means that for me, a good healthy cleaneating meal has to also take about 10 minutes to prepare. For that reason I LOVE shrimp and I make a lot of varieties of shrimp dishes for dinner.

Shrimp is fabulous because I can quickly defrost it, in the event I forget to pre-plan a meal. It also cooks quickly, which, for anyone whose kids scream at the top of their lungs or chant continuously when they are hungry, you know this is important!

Again, my dishes are kind of subject to whatever is fresh at the farmers market that week, or resides in my pantry.

This was absolutely fabulous and the kids came back 3 times for more, as a matter of fact, they saved none for daddy when he got home from work that night!

Whenever my kids want a pasta, I have the usual go to options:

Kelp noodles, Spaghetti squash and Miracle Noodles.

We LOVE miracle noodles made from the konjac plant, you can buy miracle noodles here. Let me say that Miracle noodles are another of those foods that paleo peeps cannot agree on. While many shiritaki noodles are made of soy, miracle noodles are not. Miracle noodles have no taste of their own and will absorb what they are cooked with. I personally like them, have no ill reaction to them and it gives me an occasional break from spaghetti squash and kelp noodles. Understand that for nutritional density, spaghetti squash, zucchini noodles or kelp are better choices.


raw Shrimp (medium 40-50 count)

snow pea pods

assorted mushrooms varieties

1 can of artichoke hearts

olive oil


chili paste (optional)


Squeeze the juice of a fresh lime

sea salt/pepper to taste


Stir fry the vegetables, the snow pea pods will need the longest to cook, then add the shrimp and cook through. I served with the miracle noodles, to prepare the noodles, drain them from the liquid they are packed in, rinse them in cold water and add to the stir fry, they will absorb some of the cooking liquid.

This was such an easy answer to a hungry family, and has an unlimited number of variations. Try with bamboo shoots and curry, or other seasonal veggies!





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