Halloween doesn’t have to cause you Paleo nightmares!

This post was originally published for Paleo Movement Online Magazine, here. I decided to update this post a little, because like everyone, I get a little smarter as time goes on. Halloween is absolutely hands down my favorite holiday, and has been since I was a child. And yet, there is no holiday perhaps more […]


Childhood dieting

8 Steps to a Healthy Body Image for your kids

This article is one that I originally wrote for the October 2014 edition of Paleo Living Magazine and can be found here.  I am reposting it after publication here, because this is an issue that is really an important topic for parents and families. As parents our primary responsibility to is nurture tomorrows generation of […]

5 Ingredient Paleo Chicken Salad

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not overthink a meal. This is a family favorite and is quick. It’s perfect for lunch or times you just aren’t able to plan ahead and need a quick, easy meal that tastes good and satisfies even picky eaters. Last night we had gymnastics and baseball practices, […]



15 Reasons to Use Ghee

First of all, what the heck is it? Ghee, is clarified butter that has been heated longer through an ancient process. Ghee is a premium cooking oil celebrated for its taste, nutritional benefits, and medicinal qualities. In India, ghee has always been a sacred and celebrated symbol of auspiciousness, nourishment and healing; especially in the […]

It’s Here! The Paleo Approach Cookbook – Review.

Yesterday I spent the day driving up from Tampa to Atlanta to visit the one and only Sarah Ballantyne so that today we can celebrate the launch of her new book The Paleo Approach Cookbook. Nearly three years ago, I had transitioned my family to a Paleo Diet, with tons of success. The kids were […]

TPAC Final front cover

Deconstructed Fish Taco: Coconut Curry Fried Flounder over shredded cabbage salad, topped with garlic & cilantro aioli.

Coconut Curry Crusted Flounder 1

This is a combination of flavors I just love, coconut & curry. Any mild firm fish can be used in place of the flounder and it can be filets or smaller pieces for “bite sized” fish fun for the kids. Fish is a favorite among our family, and we eat a lot of it. One […]

The Great Lamb Shank Experiment

In an effort to move out of my comfort zone, I am trying to experiment with new protein sources. This particular recipe was derived for my friend Lana, the founder of EOM-Ethical Omnivore Movement and it’s sister page Mindful Meat Mondays. It’s important to me that my kids have the opportunity to try a wide […]

The Great Lamb Shank Experiment = SUCCESS!

Reflecting on What I thought I knew … 2

Recently, it has become popular for my friends and family to tag me in their Facebook and Instagram pictures of their meals or to text me photos of other people’s food or grocery labels. I kind of think this is intended as flattery, and I appreciate it. To me, it represents the fact that people […]

The world is inundated with misinformation, creating the desire to cut through the crap is at the root of the Paleo Movement.


Celebrating the Holidays without Guilt:

Tis the season. We’ve survived the candy coated Halloween fun, and the cornucopia of goodies at Thanksgiving.  There is one more month of holiday parties, get togethers, school functions, fundraisers and various other food filled festivities to navigate.  We CAN do this!   As many of you know, I’m a pretty serious sugar nazi.  I […]